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Who We Are

Every person needs love and understanding.  Many of the young people that NICM works with find themselves homeless, helpless, hopeless, hungry, and hostile. With patience and encouragement, all of life’s problems can be endured and a positive, healthy quality of life can be born out of despair at any point in someone’s life.  

The ministry provides them hope and seeks to establish a foundation on which they can build a successful life.  “Until God gives up on mankind, people must not give up on each other.”


Children Waving on a Bus

Bus Teams

Reliable transportation is no longer a luxury but has become a necessity. When our Ministry began we realized this limitation facing our inner-city community. We knew it did not matter how many teachers we had or how good our program was if we didn’t have an audience. Our fleet of 59 buses, vans and support vehicles driven by commercially licensed volunteer drivers and staffed by caring volunteers provide a safe, fun and encouraging vehicle for providing hope.

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Closeup of Older Kids Carrying Younger Kids


When our teens make a commitment to abstain from the violence, drugs, alcohol and illicit offerings on “the street” we do everything we can to support and invest in their positive behavior. Through field trips to major sporting and cultural events to on-site lock-ins with video games, laser tag and food – lots of food, we provide a safe and fun place for our teens.

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Children Rowing a Canoe on a Lake

Leadership Development

Hundreds of young people are loved, encouraged and mentored during two weeks of Leadership Development Camp and five weeks of Academic Day Camps and Spiritual Growth Camps. In an escape from the noise and drama of “the street,” our children find peace and hope. Mentors building relationships throughout the year use the Camp to enhance their lessons in building and promoting leaders among our teens.

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Closeup of Child Holding a Ball and Smiling

Learning Centers

When school is in session our Learning Centers run on Monday and Tuesday nights, teaching up to 1000 children each week life skills lessons from a biblical curriculum. These Centers take place at over 20 locations around the city, staffed by community volunteers and teen leaders developed during the summer Leadership Development Camp.

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Nashville Inner City Ministry Events

Catfish Dinner

Each year, people from all over Middle Tennessee gather to raise support for the summer leadership development programs of Nashville Inner City Ministry. Thousands of people enjoy the great food and fellowship while raising money to send at-risk youth from our inner city communities to camp, provide interns to mentor and support them, and fund other summer activities.

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Conquerors Luncheon

The Conquerors Luncheon is the primary funding source for the Conquerors Teen Program. This luncheon brings together local business leaders who invest their money, products, staff and time in the lives and development of our city’s teens.

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