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May 24, 2016

I have found that one of the greatest blessings of doing ministry are the good people who serve with you.  

This was the case when, 36 years ago, a local business owner who served as a volunteer saw the great

needs in our community, sold this business and came to give his life in service as a member of our team. 

Our time here is to be admired; which is why when a person completes their work on earth, it's difficult

to bid them farewell for a while. 

Such is the case with Wayne Green who was laid to rest beside his lovely wife, who preceded him in death.  Wayne was special and outreach was his specialty.

Wayne never met a person he was not willing to help.  No teen was too rough for Wayne to minister to.  No family was too broken for him to help.  No addiction could take folks away from his love.  He loved every child as if they were his own and in his heart he felt that they were his very own.  Wayne loved his family, his church, his community and his neighbor as himself.  I still hear it said by young and old alike that "he was like a father to me".  Wayne's legacy is indescribable and never ending.  John 15:8 tells us "Show that you are my followers by producing much fruit.  This will bring honor to my Father".

To celebrate Wayne's life, our spiritual partner, the Inner City Church (1000 Apex Street, Nashville, 37206), will host a memorial in his honor on Sunday, June 19th at 11am.  To make a donation in memory of Wayne, click here.  His family will be notified of each gift. 


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