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A total of 419 cartons of fruit were sold, bringing $5,751 to NICM!

From desk of Lytle Thomas, President  
December 17, 2014

Wipe The Slate Clean, Mulligan, Do Over, Fresh Start...

How many times do we wish for a chance to say different words or to have responded or reacted in a different way?  We accept that we can't go back in time.  So, we are left with impacting the future.

A new year often brings reflection and commitments.  We have a great opportunity to guide, educate and encourage our community moving towards better choices.  But, we can not do it alone.

We have a place for you to serve.  Making a financial contribution and choosing to walk through life with someone as a mentor - we need your help.

A fresh start is something that benefits all of us.


(Opportunities can be identified by contacting Kenny Purvis at 615.255.1726, extension 301 or

To make a contribution by check
Make your check payable to:
Nashville Inner City Ministry
1000 Apex Street
Nashville, TN  37206

 YES, please send the NICM e-newsletter to me
at this email address:

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