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 It's not too late...
 Order your HOLIDAY FRUIT today!!!

From desk of Lytle Thomas, President  
November 7, 2014

Children and families across the city are so blessed by those of you who support our ministry. Through your generosity, one out of every three boxes of fruit bought during our Thanksgiving fruit sale is going to benefit needy families.  Recipients of these boxes will be eating fruit that will be fresher than anything you could buy at the grocery store.

Please take advantage of our Christmas fruit sale. Fresh, Florida fruit makes a great gift for your family, friends and business associates. You can also choose to provide a box of fruit for a needy family in our city. 

Check out the link on this page for more information about how to place your order. 
Thank you for your generosity throughout the year, especially during the holiday season.

Happy Holidays,


Contact us through this website, by calling our office at 615/255-1726, ext. 301, or by financially supporting our ongoing outreach utilizing the options on this page

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