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From desk of Lytle Thomas, President  
January 23, 2015

People starting nonprofits often ask me how we've been so successful for so many years.  As other organizations come and go, how is it that Nashville Inner City Ministry is still around and growing?

We definitely have a very dedicated staff.  We have also built relationships with multiple generations of families across our inner city communities.  But the greatest reason for our success is YOU!  Our volunteers are some of the best in the world. They give generously of their time, money and resources for the benefit of children and families across our city.

Last year, NICM volunteers contributed 106,895 hours to the programs and families we serve.  From working with preschoolers to driving at Sober Ride, our volunteers are dedicated to improving lives and to this we owe much of our success.

If you are looking for a place to make a difference and a place where your gifts will be valued and put to good use, I invite you to join me and our team as we reach out across Nashville.  It's as easy as going to our Contact Us page or sending an email inquiry.


(Opportunities can be identified by contacting Kenny Purvis at 615.255.1726, extension 301 or

To make a contribution by check
Make your check payable to:
Nashville Inner City Ministry
1000 Apex Street
Nashville, TN  37206

 YES, please send the NICM e-newsletter to me
at this email address:

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