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                    After the first two (2) nights of this year's Catfish Dinner we have raised $135,478.  Help us reach our goal of                         $300,000 by hosting a table in April, mailing-in a check or giving online today.

Each year thousands of people attend our annual Catfish Dinner.  When asked "Why?" Here's what people say...​​

Because of the Cause!  This Ministry consistently provides a good return on our investment by investing in the lives of young people throughout the city.  Children are being loved, encouraged, shown Jesus and are experiencing life changing hope in their lives.

Because of the Fellowship!  Each year we look forward to seeing friends from High School, College and folks we've attended Church with throughout the years.  The Catfish Dinner is like a big family reunion and Homecoming all rolled into one.

Because of the Catfish!  ...and the hushpuppies... and the white beans... and the desserts, oh the desserts!  McConnell's Catering does a great job year after year providing good, hot fish to all the crowd, from the first to the last.

​Whether you come because of the Cause - the Fellowship - or of the Catfish, we just hope you'll reserve your table and help us raise a lot of money for our summer programs.  Every dollar raised provides an opportunity for hundreds of children and teens to attend two (2) weeks of Leadership Development Camp, five (5) weeks of Academic Day Camps, participate in summer-long campaigns and even a few internships.

​So, how could we improve on such a successful event?

By giving you more opportunities to participate.  This year, for the first time, there are four (4) nights to choose from:

  • ​Thursday, March 8th
  • Friday, March 9th
  • Thursday, April 19th
  • ​Friday, April 20th

​Want to help support our summer programs?  Host a table at the Catfish Dinner or make a donation online today or by mailing to:

​                                                                                                  Nashville Inner City Ministry

                                                                                                  c/o Catfish Dinner

                                                                                                  1000 Apex Street

​                                                                                                  Nashville, TN  37206



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