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Over $71,000 was donated at the NICM Catfish Dinner on Friday night, bringing our Grand Total to $236,000+! 
Our sincere thanks goes to everyone who attended and supported the event this year!

From desk of Lytle Thomas, President  
April 22, 2015

Keep the prayers coming!

Even with all the physical, financial and emotional needs that we try to take care of every day, the most important focus for both young and old is the spiritual well-being of each person.  We try instill in each person the power and peace that comes from prayer.  At our recent Catfish Dinner, we had a very visible evidence of the prayers that were being lifted up...

On Thursday night, we had a great crowd and closed the night tired and excited as usual.  However, as we prepared for the Friday night dinner, severe storms rolled across the Nashville area.  As we were setting up tables and McConnell's was starting to fry the fish, all of us had to be evacuated to the bunker under the race track on the fairgrounds property.  Just picture interesting mix of young and old, all scared and calm at the same time and wondering what the outcome would be. 

However, through the power of Facebook and cell phones, the call went out for prayers for our group.  After about an hour, everyone was out of the bunker, the water in the building was pushed out and the catfish was frying again!  As further evidence to prayer, hundreds of dedicated supporters drove through the bad weather and joined us for another successful fundraiser.  This real life lesson in the power of prayer was more effective than all the lessons we've tried to teach.  The real life lesson in the way each of you care for the families served by NICM was just as powerful and we consider ourselves truly blessed.

Thanks for your continued support of our efforts through your contributions, your time, and most importantly, your prayer!


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