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March 7, 2017

This year marks 20 years that "Catfish Jim" has been gathering folks to attend our annual

Jim's leadership has grown this event from a one-night meeting in a school gymnasium to a two-night event space serving hundreds. His efforts have resulted in millions of dollars being invested in helping at risk youth and their families navigate through the difficulties facing them while living in Nashville's inner city community. Jim believes in his heart that building boys and girls is better than mending men and women and his tenacious commitment of faith is an example to all of us that one person can move mountains. Jesus said it, Jim practices it and as a result hundreds of children and families are being blessed.  What a difference one person makes!

This year's Dinner is scheduled for Thursday, March 30th and Friday, March 31st. We're excited to have McConnell's catering back this year cooking catfish. You can be a part of this special event by contacting Catfish Jim at 615-418-6282 or by following this link, to register online.


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