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September 26, 2016

The latest community response from Charlotte, NC, coupled with the gun-related crime we see almost daily in Nashville, both speak to the volatility being seen across the country.  How do we fix the problems?  New and tighter gun laws?  More cameras?  Greater transparency?  The answer that works and that has a proven record of success is:

"Love God and love your neighbor as yourself."

The principle is easy to say, but it takes a lot of teaching and a lifetime of practice.  Gone are the days where blanket respect is given for seniority of age or position.  Missing from interactions is a concern for others, having been replaced with entitled selfishness.  The question is how do we break the cycle?  The answer is that we invest in people from the cradle to the grave, through the good and the bad and we teach love and forgiveness as it was modeled for us by Jesus.

Our Conquerors Luncheon last month raised $117,000.  To all who donated, we thank you.  This is a great start to impacting hundreds of teens in our city.  (If you missed the luncheon and would like to donate, click HERE.).  The investment opportunity through the lives of our youth is greater than our current resources, but working together we can and will make a difference in their lives, in our city and in our future.

Join me over the next few weeks as we look at some of our methods that make a difference in the lives we serve.  I am excited about the possibilities of our partnership and the impact it will have on our city.


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