July 6, 2016

Freedom is not free.  This time of year we in the United States have the privilege of reflecting back on our heritage and focusing on all the blessings we have.  These freedoms come at a great price.  When I listen to our youth, it's sad to realize they don't comprehend the concept of freedom.  So many are incarcerated in hopelessness, fear, anger and poverty.  It is a pleasure to have the honor of ministering to these youths and their families.  Nashville Inner City Ministry's missin statement encompasses a solution that will deliver freedom

"Nashville Inner City Ministry is a Christ-centered community organization dedicated to empowering the spiritual, educational and vocational development of at-risk youth and their families:

We have enjoyed a very successful leadership camp, which served to make lifetime memories.  The encouragement, improvement of self-image and just the simple opportunity to have a good time are all part of this special week.  Our children deserve these experiences, which demonstrated to them a superior lifestyle of success and hope.

This would not be possible without your partnership with us.  Take a few minutes to visit the pages on this website which outline the programs and services we provide.  Feel free to contact us to find out how you can get involved or make a secure donation today to partner with us financially.


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