July 30, 2015

Summer camp was all that we wanted it to be: every bed was full and no stomach was empty.  Laughter, praise and joy lasted all day and filled most of the night.  This year's camp was even more special because of the time spent developing relationships leading up to the camp experience.

In January our team started preparing our youth to have a successful leadership development camp.  Goals were set and the youth were challenged to look internally at the way they made decisions.  "Sharpening steel" is a correct illustration.  Our at-risk youth who live every day in survival mode were challenged to trust in God and use a Godly decision making process.  They were put in positions to practice decision making that promotes forgiveness as opposed to retaliation and walking away from conflict rather than engaging and promoting violence.  Our camp stressed the importance of planning their days rather than allowing the chaos and confusion of their days control them.

Some observations:

  1. Children were hungrier this year than in the past.
  2. More youth don't believe in God, but they are willing to listen and search for answers.
  3. Children possess fewer skills to interact with each other.

At camp, children experience the love that Jesus taught and died for and they will remember this forever.  Thanks for your support in making these memories possible.  You can continue to invest in the lives of our children by donating today.

Thanks again,


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