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What We Do

It would be easy to see NICM’s buses and think its purpose is transportation. It would be easy to see NICM’s children’s classes and think its purpose is education. It would be easy to see NICM’s activities and think its purpose is to provide quality and impactful programs. Nashville Inner City Ministry is a Christ-centered community organization dedicated to empowering the spiritual, educational and vocational development of at-risk youth and their families.

But to answer what NICM does you must highlight the word dedicated.

We are dedicated to helping people understand that their life has value and purpose; that they’re not junk. We are dedicated to living life with the youth and families we serve, through the joy and the chaos. We are dedicated to a long-term mission effort of sharing hope and the love of God.

And along the way we’ve found others who are dedicated to making a difference, those who serve alongside our efforts as our Board of Directors, our volunteers, our donors and our community of service. NICM has a lifetime partnership with the Inner City Church, an urban missional church, that provides the spiritual component of our mission. This Church loves on people from the cradle to the grave and offers a place of healing and home to our at-risk youth and their families.

This is our city and it will take all of us working together in a spirit of unity to reach our youth and their families. There’s always one more!