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Two of Our Own

Two of our own, young people who have grown up in the Ministry, led the discussion at this year’s Conqueror’s Luncheon and shared their thoughts, ‘From Our Hearts to Yours.’ DK and Shalia have spent most of their formative years riding the bus to and from learning centers and as teenagers active in the Conquerors teen outreach – so to get a glimpse into this Ministry and the problems among their peers in our city, offered a unique perspective.

What did we learn?

  • That our children are searching for validation and someone to listen to them.
  • That our children come from homes that are not homes.
  • That our children feel trapped in a ‘silent cry.’
  • That our Ministry is a safe place.
  • That our Ministry functions as a family extension.

Your generosity at this year’s Conqueror’s Luncheon has raised $114,577 to date – money essential to providing the atmosphere and activities our children need.
DK and Shalia are two among thousands but with your help we can do more to reach their peers. Will you consider investing in our young people with your end-of-the-year giving? Every dollar helps us reach one more!


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