Schools Across Our Area Are Back in Session

Schools across our area are back in session. When many of us were growing up that meant that late nights were reserved for the weekend because you had to be in bed early on school nights. Homework was completed at the kitchen table before we could go out and play. We had a family meal at supper and talked about our day; had breakfast the next morning and went to school ready to see friends, learn a few things and mark time until our next school holiday.

Our children’s experience today has drastically changed from this ‘Norman Rockwell’ image. One of our teenagers recently explained that our children are coming from homes that are not homes. Juvenile Court advises us that unattended minors are often found on the street, many of whom haven’t done anything wrong but they have no supervision and are susceptible to negative peer influence. Our children often spend the night on the floor, under their beds because they fear stray bullets that are fired many nights and the new normal is that our children are hungry, all the time.

Now, more than ever we need the resources and mentors with time to invest in our young people. Our children won’t talk much to people they don’t trust – and the way to build trust is by spending time together, living life together, attending events and grabbing a meal together. Once our children know you care, they’ll listen to what you have to say. And, if we can convince them that they are loved we can impact the heart of the problems that erupt in media headlines.

You can help us make an impact in a child today – in fact, we can’t do it without you. On Monday, August 27th we host a fundraising luncheon for the business community to help provide the money needed throughout the school year to work with our children. If you know some people who want to do more, who feel like you do and who are ready to make a difference; why not host a table at this event? If you want to help us reach one more, make a contribution right now, or mail a check:

Nashville Inner City Ministry
c/o Conqueror’s Luncheon
1000 Apex Street
Nashville, TN 37206