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Conquerors Teen Program

conquerors logoThe Conquerors program is designed to reach out to teens by:

  • Providing instruction in basic life skills
  • Establishing Developmental Assets in personal life
  • Encouraging completion of high school
  • Equipping to seek meaningful employment
  • Engaging in appropriate conflict resolution
  • Developing proper respect for God, self, family, community, and authority
  • Participating in wholesome recreational and social activities
  • Employing young people with leadership skills as interns

Who are The Conquerors?

The Conquerors are teens who have made a commitment to conquer the violence, drugs, gangs, school drop out, unemployment, and illicit sex offered by the inner city environment.

Who are Friends of the Conquerors?

The Friends of the Conquerors are those who provide mentoring and financial resources to assist the Conquerors in achieving their commitments.

Out of 126 inner city teens surveyed:

  • 71% have seen violent crime.
  • 72% have seen the sale of illegal drugs.
  • 77% have had a parent incarcerated.
  • 79% live in a single parent home.
  • 97% feel safe when at a NICM activity.

The Conquerors Program is funded primarily through the Friends of the Conquerors Luncheon held each year.

Make A Difference in the Life of a Teen