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Hope for the CitiesHope for Cities Talk Show

Hope for the Cities is a live to tape talk show conducted by Nashville Inner City Ministry, produced and directed by Sam Thompson and hosted by Lytle Thomas, President and Buck Dozier, Chairman of the NICM Board of Directors. The show seeks to share a message of hope with all those watching by interviewing nonprofit […]

Two of Our OwnTwo of our own

Two of our own, young people who have grown up in the Ministry, led the discussion at this year’s Conqueror’s Luncheon and shared their thoughts, ‘From Our Hearts to Yours.’ DK and Shalia have spent most of their formative years riding the bus to and from learning centers and as teenagers active in the Conquerors […]

Schools Across Our Area Are Back in SessionFundraising Dinner

Schools across our area are back in session. When many of us were growing up that meant that late nights were reserved for the weekend because you had to be in bed early on school nights. Homework was completed at the kitchen table before we could go out and play. We had a family meal […]