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May 24, 2017

​Building boys and girls is better than mending men and women

​Nashville Inner City Ministry is about reaching out to all people. However, there is a part of what we do that is so important. That is where we reach out to youth. In today's world, youth have both great voids and great blessings. The greatest voids usually come from a breakdown in their home. Our 40-year strategy of reaching the children works with and through the children to reach the parents and then works through that family to reach the community.

​Our summer activities will be devoted to the strategy.  The two weeks of summer Leadership Development Camps will be mostly led by men and women who were once campers.  The remainder of the summer involves a daily camp which helps children improve their educational skills in reading and math. At the same time, we will have leadership development training for teenage boys and girls building their confidence in God and themselves. The thread that runs through all the activities will be improving the individual's ability to set personal boundaries; so needed in our present culture.

By giving here, your investment in our youth is such a blessing to us and to you the donor. Your dollars mean so much to a child and determine how much you and I can do for them.

​Thanks for all you do!



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