The NICM Capital Campaign is comprised of 6 phases as detailed below:

  • A Television Studio to be used for filming, production and editing.
  • This portion of the event center will be converted to a multipurpose room, which will seat 600 people in a theater format.  The space will feature a 30 foot ceiling and two additional rooms, seating 200 each,  accessed via 20’ high rolling doors. When the rolling doors are up, the total space will seat up to 1000 people.  The space will also be used for a variety of youth activities because of the 20’ high walls constructed of concrete block and drywall.
  • Security Offices - Because NICM serves a large group of at-risk youth, safety is of utmost importance to  Nashville Inner City Ministry.   The security offices will be used by officers from the Metro Nashville Police Department and Davidson County Sheriff's Department employed part-time by NICM.

the mall of hope

During the historic flood in 2010, Lytle Thomas stood on the hill above Nashville Inner City Ministry's location at 185 Anthes Drive with several NICM board members.  They watched as the floodwaters invaded the offices and bus garage.  In the midst of all the disbelief, discouragement and uncertainty, Walt Leaver, a board member, said “This is a blessing. We can now build Nashville Inner City Ministry right” Those words of vision and wisdom set the course that is now being traveled.

The capital campaign to purchase, renovate and build out the Nashville Inner City Ministry MALL OF HOPE is the first ever conducted by Nashville Inner City Ministry.  The hope is to involve every family and individual that believes in what is being done.  Each person will have opportunity to follow the lead of the

board in making their commitment. From the youngest child to the oldest great grandparent - everyone is invited to be a part of this once in a lifetime opportunity.  If you want to be a part of this effort and make a meaningful, long-term improvement in the lives of children and families in Nashville's inner city communities, click on the "The Time Is NOW!" link found below.

Phase 0 - Purchase and renovate a new location and relocate organization staff
In 2013, a 93,000 square feet facility sitting on 12+ acres was purchased to serve as the future home for NICM.  The new property is located at 1000 Apex Street, just north of downtown Nashville off Ellington Parkway between Cleveland and Douglas Avenue.  The existing office building and warehouse space includes enough room for offices for all full time staff and a bus maintenance facility.  In addition, there is a tremendous amount of space ideal for parking our fleet of vehicles. The new property also gives the ministry the ability to grow substantially in the future, both in programming and transportation. Transportation is a key component of our outreach ministry, not only to children, but to families as well. Phase 0 has been completed and for the first time since the ministry was founded, all NICM personnel is under one roof.

Phase 1 - Develop the vehicle maintenance facility
Phase 1 has been completed and paid for in full.

Phase 2 - A substantial “build-out” of the existing structure including:
A new roof installed on the entire 93,000 square feet building.
Development of the first one-third of the warehouse space into a Family Life Center, including:

  1. Restrooms and Locker Rooms to be used by overnight groups and volunteers
  2. Commercial kitchen, including a large pantry to feed children that attend NICM programs and help the hungry families of Nashville.  With this kitchen, NICM will be able to prepare healthy meals for senior citizens NICM now serves.  These meals are delivered during community visitations. 

As of April, 2015, financial resources have been secured for Phase 2.  Final plans, permits and construction details are being completed and construction will start as soon as possible.

Phase 3 - Improvements of the parking lot on the north side of the property including grading, paving and striping.

Phase 4 - Development of the rest of the warehouse space, including four additional rooms with 20’ roll up doors and a seating capacity of approximately 200 each. When the entire warehouse space is built out and all roll up doors are opened, the space will accommodate 2,000+ in a banquet format.  This will make it possible for NICM to host large events, including the annual Catfish Fundraising Dinner.

Phase 5 – TBD - This phase is still in the development stage and will be funded by grants, foundations and corporations.  Projects under consideration include:

  • A playground for inner city youth and families
  • A large green space
  • Walking track
  • Five covered pavilions for groups of up to 25 people
  • One covered pavilion for groups of up to 200 people
  • Amphitheater
  • Planting of fruit trees along the Ellington Parkway property line to act as a sound barrier

The playground and covered pavilions, along with the commercial kitchen and rooms in the event space, will be utilized during NICM summer day camps.